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June 2011

James Barrett takes a look at different ways you could cover your exhibition stands or event floors.

Theoretically, a venue could host a standard exhibition or event without a roof. People might get rained or snowed upon, but it’s a not totally unfeasible thought. The same goes for walls: a venue could, with the aid of support pillars, still host an event that offered 360º views of the surrounding area.

James Barrett talks multi-sensory marketing with Iomart Hosting and examines its relationship with Sejuiced.

The relationship between managed hosting and cloud computing company Iomart Hosting and event attraction Sejuiced has been ongoing for nearly two years. "We were seeking a face-to-face promotion that would reinforce our key brand message of being the 'natural choice for managed hosting',” says marketing director at Iomart, Phil Worms.

Andrew Charlton removes the shadows from the world of stand lighting.

It is surprising how often well executed lighting is used to make an exhibition stand come to life, while others around it look quite flat in comparison. In making the most of an exhibition for you and the visitors, lighting can be the difference on the smallest shell scheme stand through to a 600sqm space-only stand.

Ash Mashhadi gives his tips on how to perfect your salesmanship, not your baseball throwing.

Dragons Den is one of the most popular business shows on TV. We may not want to slay these dragons, but we'd all love to sway them enough to invest in us. If you're like me, you like to think you would do well in the Den. But how do fare when talking to your own potential clients?

John Blaskey reveals his tips for companies who may not have had the best exhibiting results in the past

Achieving objectives, delivering a return on investment, building the brand, market research, meeting customers, what will the market think if we don’t exhibit? These are the hardy perennial answers that I still hear when I ask the question: “So, why are you going to exhibit at the show?”

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