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Head of creative at George P Johnson Andy Bass returns to give advice...
James Barrett talks to Nvidia marketing manager Martin Day about how...
James Barrett looks at how photography brand Nikon won its fifth...

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June 2011

Andy Lewis wants to impart a few words of caution

Allow me if I may to reminisce briefly about the 1970s. Lots of things were different then; no one ever went online, no one needed a text every hour to feel loved, Woolworths was the dominant retailer on the high street and Liverpool was a leading football club.

Damian Clarkson looks at how exhibitors should be using catering

Quite simply, having hospitality on an exhibition stand will attract attention. It will attract visitors to a stand, and then give them an enticing incentive to stay while the sales team finds out more about them and their purchasing requirements.

Mike Patrick gees up the last of the social networking inept

Once upon a time marketing your company was fairly simple. Then someone invented the phrases ‘social networking’ and ‘social media’ and everyone ran for the hills.

James Barrett caught up with Land Rover at the National Boat Show

Some associations seem to make perfect sense to everyone. Jelly and ice cream go together like bees and honey. Where would Tom be without Jerry? And there can’t be many people who wouldn’t associate the name Pele with the yellow and blue of Brazil.

Mike Patrick looks at the importance of video marketing

To some people, the term ‘viral video’ conjures up images of exciting movie snippets advertising the latest $400m Hollywood epic. They work because of the intrigue they create within the viewer, but they also give the impression that a viral video is the exclusive preserve of major brands or movie studios.

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